Upcoming Workshops at Sirdab Lab

Upcoming Workshops at Sirdab Lab (March 2018)


We have a bunch of awesome workshops lined up for you this month. Which one will we see you at?









Want to hold a workshop at Sirdab? Email us at info@sirdab-lab.com with details 🙂




A Legal Lens on Startup Investing

A Legal Lens on Startup Investing A seminar led by Fajer Ahmed Are you a startup looking for investors? Or maybe you’re interested in investing in a startup? It’s important for founders to understand the changes that take place in a startup’s legal structure post-investment. In this seminar, Fajer Ahmed will share information on: The…


Caricature Sculpting Workshop

Caricature Sculpting Workshop Create a Basic Caricature Head with Mohammed Bin Essa   Discover a unique creative outlet with this awesome 3-day workshop! In this beginner-friendly workshop, you’ll be introduced to the art of sculpting, transforming a block of clay into an expressive caricature head. It may seem intimidating at first, but once you get a…