Chasing your dreams can easily turn into a nightmare…

That’s why we’re here to help.

Sirdab Lab is a startup hub and community space that aims to make business less intimidating and to accelerate your results through:

  • Connections: With community members, mentors, and potential partners
  • Education: We provide a wide range of workshops and training programs to help you develop the skills you need
  • Guidance: Members receive one-on-one mentorship and have access to Roadmapping Sessions and Review Sessions (more on those in a minute)

Who Is The Membership For?

Dreams come in different shapes and sizes, spanning industries and occupying different roles. Our membership is for:

  • Entrepreneurs: Individuals looking to start or grow a business, which will involve hiring staff and building an enterprise
  • Intrapreneurs: Individuals who prefer to focus on (and excel in) a specific role (developer, video editor, business analyst, etc) without owning a business. Intrapreneurs are change-makers within larger organizations (for-profit and not-for-profit)
  • Solopreneurs: Individuals who want to build their own personal brand and connect directly with clients, without looking to build a team or grow their operations. Solopreneurs include writers, photographers, sales experts, educators, life coaches, yoga instructors, personal organizers (you get the idea)

Members can be in different phases of their entrepreneurial (or career) journey, with each phase having different needs and priorities. You could be in:

  • Exploration Phase: Looking for a venture to start or a service to provide, but feeling lost as to where to begin and what opportunity to pursue. You will benefit from connecting with others in the community, learning more about potential problems to pursue, and connecting with domain experts
  • Planning Phase: You have an idea of what you want to pursue but aren’t quite sure how to get there. An introductory training program and mentorship can help you better refine your approach, identify what’s involved in your journey (and what to expect), and help you put the pieces together.
  • Building Phase: This is where you’re looking for service providers, hiring team members, and introductions to potential partners. You might need advice with design, development, or the business model. Legal advice might also come in handy
  • Expansion Phase: You already have a product or service to offer and you now want to get more customers/users. You will benefit greatly from exposure, connections to partners, and guidance on how to grow your operations and expand beyond Kuwait’s borders

Our membership can help you in every phase of your journey.

Sirdab Lab’s unique strength is in its ability to support tech startups, but this does not mean that our community is exclusive to tech. What’s special about tech is that it can contribute to all other industries and depends on domain experts to find the right uses for tech in these industries.

Having a variety of interests and experiences in our community helps uncover areas for innovation and the cross-pollination of ideas.

What Does The Membership Include?

  • 4x Mentorship Sessions: Sit with an expert in the area you need help with. This can also include a pitch-deck review, in case you need help approaching investors
  • Exclusive Members-Only Networking Events: Get a chance to meet other community members in a fun and friendly environment. You might meet your cofounder, next hire, or a new client
  • Exclusive Roadmapping Sessions: A community event where members are guided through the phases of their professional journey and what they can do to overcome existing obstacles they’re facing and what to focus on next
  • Review Sessions: Members can volunteer to have their work publicly reviewed by an expert (in writing, copywriting, UX design, pitch-decks, etc), making it a learning experience for all attendees
  • Discounts On Workshops & Events: Building a business is a marathon, not a sprint. We help reduce your costs by making it easier for you to attend more workshops and training courses to help you continuously level up
  • 4x Free Space Bookings: Use our space in Dasman Complex to host an event of your choice, free of charge (subject to availability and approval). We can even help you host a focus group or launch event
  • 10% Discount On Additional Space Bookings: Need the space more than 4 times? No problem! You get to benefit from a discount on additional space rentals
  • Exposure On Our Instagram Account & Newsletter: We are committed to our members’ success, and will be featuring our members to put them in front of potential customers, partners, and investors
  • Publish Job Posts: Looking to hire? We can help you with that by creating a job post for you and adding it to our website and newsletter
  • Access To An Online Community: Connecting with other members can help you find the right resource, tool, tip, or next client
  • Weekly Email Accountability: If you need to be nudged to ensure you’re continuously making progress, you can choose to receive a weekly email asking you what you’re stuck on and how we can help. That way obstacles don’t stand in your way for long

That’s the minimum you can expect, and we always strive to help our members in the best ways we can by connecting them to mentors, relevant members, and opportunities to help you make progress in your journey.

When you join a community, magic happens.

Where Do I Sign Up?

The Sirdab Lab membership is 150 KD a year (which is equivalent to 12.5 KD a month).

By clicking the button below you’ll be taken to a Tap payment link to pay for your membership and join the Sirdab Lab community.

See you on the other side!

Be A Member

Note: Currently, the Sirdab Lab membership is only available to individuals in Kuwait or those looking to start operations in Kuwait and want to connect with the community here. You can email us at if you’re outside of Kuwait but want to be notified when we open up membership to other countries/regions