Business Budgeting 101:
A Beginner-Friendly Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

with Tarek Aljasem

Do you know the real cost of starting your business? Having trouble figuring out how much money you need to run your business for those crucial first 12 months?

Discover how building a sustainable business around a solid financial plan can help you reduce your stress, gain long term perspective and help you avoid financial mistakes.

In this workshop, you’ll gain knowledge in:
– The mindsets to better forecasting
– Becoming a better business planner

By the end of the workshop, you’ll learn how to:

– Set up your company on
– Figure out how much money you need to start your business
– Make your first 12-month budget
– How to use your first forecast to run a better business

Who should attend: New business owners, potential founders & entrepreneurs who could use some help with the financial side of running their business.

How much: KD 80
Price for Sirdab Lab members:
KD 72
When: 5-8 PM, Tuesday & Wednesday, April 16-17
Where: Sirdab Lab

Workshop requirements: We’ll be working off, a business plan solution software, to create your startup’s budget and financial plan. Attendees will need to have a subscription so they can continue using it after the workshop. An annual subscription costs USD 140 (monthly and 6-monthly subscriptions are available) and is not included in the workshop fee. Visit to subscribe.

About the instructor:

Tarek Aljasem is the founder & managing partner of Hisba Business Solutions, Kuwait’s first SME focused financial consultancy firm. For almost 10 years Tarek and his team at Hisba have been providing accounting services and helping entrepreneurs set up their budgets for the very first time.