Get into the Habit of Experimentation


We’re still recovering from the excitement we experienced in last week’s Cofounder Speed Dating event. The short spell of rain made the night even more memorable as the participants took shelter and continued their conversations.

Honestly, I didn’t think the night would be such a success. One participant said he found his match from the first person he sat with (and there many more wonderful people he was about to meet).

When Mona told me that we’ll be having a cofounder speed dating event about a month ago (actually, I really don’t remember when that was, but let’s pretend it was a month ago), I thought it was a great idea, but wasn’t sure it would work out. And as with all new ventures: we don’t really know until we try.

And that’s an important lesson, especially for startups: don’t assume you’ll find out before you begin. Experimentation is essential in business. You need to suspend the need to be certain about things before they happen and find out what unfolds from them when you try. 

Planning for the event took an insane amount of work behind the scenes. Experimentation doesn’t mean you leave things to chance, but you can admit how little you know about the outcome, and are willing to learn from the experience.

At Sirdab Lab we take pride in our experiments, big and small. Sirdab Lab itself is an experiment. We hope you take part in helping make the result a positive one. 🙂

Learning & Laughter Officer