Have You Been Updating Your Skills?


Hope you’re enjoying the summer, wherever you may be. 

Summer’s a great time to learn new skills or developing existing ones, whether they’re related to work, your personality or even if it’s just some DIY. Skills like learning how to cook, public speaking, photography, graphic designing, coding, writing, learning a new language… the list is virtually endless. 

In the working world, according to Inc.com, coding is the number one skill in demand today (no surprises there). Data Visualization is another skill with rising demand. With the humongous amount of data created everyday, data visualization helps make your content stand out visually and creatively. Read the article for the complete list.

Have you been updating your skill set? What have you been learning?

As most of you know, we’re big on continuous learning at Sirdab, whether it’s through workshops or the experiences of entrepreneurs and business figures. On that note, we’re thrilled to announce two upcoming events featuring prominent businessmen. On August 12, Dr. Saad Al-Barrak, former CEO of Zain Group will be presenting Leadership and Management Lessons (an event open to members only, click here if you’d like to become a Sirdaber). And then on August 18, we have Startup Grind with the CEO of NBK Capital, Faisal Al-Hamad. Investment and business development form the backbone of any company, and who better to discuss them with than the CEO of NBK Capital, one of the best investment firms in the region?