The Road Ahead: Purpose Driven Leadership

A Leadership Workshop with Mohamed Shehab Eldin – Founder of RESOLVE Consulting

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

Being a leader in your organization can be stressful and overwhelming. You try to help your team unleash their potential while working with different (and sometimes difficult) personality types while trying to maintain your cool and keeping your chin up.

We’re here to help.

Sirdab Lab is hosting a leadership workshop that will help YOU perform at your best so you can help your team perform at THEIR best.

Join us for a holistic workshop on leadership capacity-building, which will focus on the impact of leadership while exploring how a clear sense of purpose can inspire teams to work better.

Through self-reflection exercises, practical games, videos, and role play, you will learn how to form teams, set a compelling vision for the team, how to resolve conflicts between team members, and a lot more.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Assess their current personal brand and develop a personal brand that helps them attract the opportunities they want
  • Create their own Leadership Roadmap, to help them identify their learning milestones and develop their leadership skills in the right sequence
  • Map out a use of technology that allows them to enhance their leadership and avoid ways that might hinder their efforts
  • Identify the cycle of mutual impact to leverage their positive impact on others and limit negative impact from others
  • Develop a systematic approach to networking, to build alliances and partnerships
  • Identify their role in creating conflicts and resolving them
  • Instill a regular practice of self-reflection for continuous growth

Price: KD 60
Price for Sirdab Lab Members: KD 54
When: 5-9 PM, October 15 & 16 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Where: Sirdab Lab, Dasman Complex

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