A Legal Lens on Startup Investing

A seminar led by Fajer Ahmed

Are you a startup looking for investors? Or maybe you’re interested in investing in a startup?

It’s important for founders to understand the changes that take place in a startup’s legal structure post-investment. In this seminar, Fajer Ahmed will share information on:

  • The legal structure of companies in Kuwait
  • The types of shares available for investors at seed level
  • How the legal structure of the company changes when an investor joins a company in Round 1 or 2
  • How to deal with dilution
  • The types of investments in Kuwait and the legal steps necessary to secure them
Who should attend: SME owners or potential owners, investors or those thinking of investing
Price: KD 15
When: 6-8 PM, Tuesday, March 27
Where: Sirdab Lab


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About the speaker:
Fajer Ahmed is the Managing Partner of FTL Legal Services, a law firm that provides commercial, tech and media legal solutions. She is also a legal columnist,  that focuses on making law as simple as possible and accessible through her writings.  Fajer is the founder of Q8books, a nonprofit organization that aims to encourage reading and writing.  She is also currently pursuing a post-graduate diploma in Entrepreneurship.