Meaning Behind the Metrics:

Understanding Social Media Analytics

A workshop with Sahar Abdulrasoul
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The best thing about digital marketing is that everything is measurable. Whether you’re running an ad campaign, or simply operating a social media page for your brand, you likely have a treasure trove of information about your customers in the form of numbers and analytics.

Many entrepreneurs struggle to understand these numbers and therefore miss out on valuable insights that could help guide their business strategies.

During this workshop, Sahar Abdulrasoul will delve into the data and metrics available on social media, exploring how you can obtain these metrics, the meaning behind each metric, and which metrics you should focus on based on your long and short term business goals. 

What the workshop will cover:

1. Developing the data scientist mentality

  • Defining data
  • Understanding the importance of data
  • Utilizing data to guide business strategies

2. Understanding social media analytics

  • Where and how to obtain social media analytics
  • Uncovering what each metric is telling you

3. Leveling up: Tools beyond the platforms

Workshop requirements: A laptop

Price: KD 35
Price for Sirdab Lab Members: KD 30 (limited seats!)

When: 5-8 PM, Sunday, Dec 16
Where: Sirdab Lab


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About the instructor:

Sahar Abdulrasoul is a passionate digital marketer and content strategist with extensive experience across several industries. While acquiring her degree in Marketing from the University of San Francisco, Sahar became fascinated with the way different technologies and
digital platforms are shaping modern day businesses.

Upon returning to Kuwait, she helped establish the foundation for the digital creative agency,, where she worked on a variety of projects with both global and local brands. Sahar is now the Managing Director of and has helped shift the company’s direction from a creative agency to a digital platform focused on exploring the technology industry in the Middle East.