Startup Bootcamp

The primary focus of the Startup Bootcamp is to ensure participants take the right approach to starting their business by first gathering data and speaking to customers, before building their product and business.
We build on this to ensure Bootcampers know what they’re doing moving forward, including how to approach the design of their app or website (important even for non-tech businesses).
Dates: March 8 – 26 (Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays)
(March 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 22, 24 & 26)
Time: 5-8 PM
Where: Sirdab Lab (Dasman Complex)
Sessions: Sunday and Tuesday are content sessions, and Thursday is mentorship and follow-up, in case Bootcampers are struggling with interview questions or find some concepts unclear.
Session 1: Overview & Attitude
Overview of the Bootcamp. The importance of validation. What mindset you need to have going into your business. Common mistakes and misconceptions. Introduction to the Business Model Canvas. What makes for a great startup idea. What’s holding you back and how to address apprehensions.
Session 2: Value Proposition & Customer Segments
What makes you unique. How to stand out from the crowd. Conveying your value. Pains and gains to address and offer. Value as a relative measure. Conducting competitive analysis. Capturing user intentions and needs with user personas and stories. Preparing for interviews
Session 3: Interview Review
Takeaways from interviews conducted. How to improve questions and collected data. Prototyping. Why (and how) to build a minimum viable product (MVP). This session also includes a pitching session to improve your skills at publicspeaking. How you communicate the value of your startup is crucial to your success.
Session 4: User Experience (UX) Design
How to approach product design. Principles of design. How to unleash your creativity. Why conventions are essential to creativity. UX practices.
Session 5: Business Operations & Productivity
Project management basics. The basics of Scrum. Using kanban boards. Setting a plan for your key activities, finding partners, and gathering the right resources.
Session 6: What’s Next
Setting up a plan for what to do next and what your schedule will be to build your business. How will you grow your customer base, how will you present yourself to others (your brand). Deciding on marketing channels to use and strategy to deploy.
Haider Al-Mosawi: CEO of Sirdab Lab and Catalyze Co. Haider’s experience spans education, tech, design, and business. He’s a certified trainer and aims to make knowledge accessible to beginners in every field.
Burhan Khalid: eChannels Development Manager at Ahli United Bank Kuwait. Burhan is an active mentor in the community and an organizer of StartupQ8 and Google Developers Group events.
Registration: If you have a team with you, they join you at no extra cost. You’re joining as a startup/business, not as an individual. In previous Bootcamps the majority were single-person businesses, but we’ve had a few 2-person teams join (one team was more than two :D)
Early Bird Price: KD 300. You also get a Sirdab Lab membership if you’re not already a member.
Price for Sirdab Lab members: KD 200
As a Startup Bootcamp participant, you get to join our Bootcamp alumni for life, which enables you to stay connected with participants from your batch and previous batches.

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Testimonials from Startup Bootcamp Alumni:

“Soon after the boot camp, we launched Boxit. We raised funds and are now about to expand to the UAE!” – Premlal Pullisserry, co-founder of Boxit

“The bootcamp was essential in connecting the participants with the startup community in Kuwait, changing mindsets from SME to startup thinking and equipping us with mentors.” – Mohammad AlMunaikh, co-founder of Ghinwa App (first place winner at MIT Enterprise Forum for the Startup Track)

“Attending the Bootcamp changed the way I approach projects and implement ideas. I met people who played a huge role in keeping me motivated about my idea and are making it possible for me to bring it to life very soon.” – Hind Al-Mazeedi, family physician and founder of Baby Bloom app

“The Sirdab Lab Startup Bootcamp opened new horizons for me, and kickstarted a new chapter in my entrepreneurial life. Amongst the benefits I received were directed guidance based on decades of experience, 1-on-1 mentorship in all fields of business startup, and an amazing and supportive community. Would definitely recommend to anyone else with entrepreneurial aspirations as well.” – Wael El-Ahmady, Founder of General Senses (first place winner at Seedstars Kuwait’s startup competition)

“We joined in with an idea, left with a minimum viable product. We’ve used what we learned from the bootcamp to turn it into a promising start up.” – Ali Al-Nusf, Co-founder of

“The startup bootcamp was a great way to organise my thoughts and put business milestones into perspective. I was able to understand the major components necessary to build a strong base for my business. Most importantly, I got the confidence to believe I am capable of overseeing the operations of my business, through the support of an invaluable network- who are till this day great friends and mentors.” – Anwaar Alrefae, Partner at Project5Miles