The ABCs of Service Excellence

A Workshop with Service Hero

People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

This workshop is designed to primarily introduce and refresh your team on service essentials to enable your company’s excellence strategy.  By emphasizing service basics via interactive games, videos and role play scenarios, the workshop is about having fun with a topic that we already understand but fall short of delivering.

Take the first step and start a cultural change from within.

Seven modules in three days

These modules are designed to take you on a journey of service excellence by covering 7 key issues highlighted below. Looking internally at yourself and externally through the eyes of the customer, your journey is a 360 view of all the key elements that make up a service experience. We are setting you up to create a differential and intuitive way in dealing service with a difference.

1. Expectations vs. perception – Where do customers get their expectations and how that is shaped matters when it comes to dealing with you! So, you better understand why you need to represent the brand from the customer’s point of view. After all, the perception they leave with is solely shaped by the experience you give them. Let’s understand how to make it positive!

2. Defining excellence – In order to excel, it’s important that an understanding of what great service looks like and what terrible service is. This clarity allows participants to understand how they fit into the formula for giving great service that converts customers into fans.   

3. Communication Skills – It’s all about how we communicate in this modern era, but did you know that there are two ways to do so? Let’s teach you how to signal verbally and non-verbally through eye contact, the way you dress to the emoji’s you send. It’s all about conveying that you’re here to help, so don’t forget to show them that smile. After all it’s known to be contagious.

4. Prepping for your day – Mentally before your next day even begins, what are the small triggers that can annoy you and how can you control them without having things spiral out of your hands. We’ll expose you to techniques to manage stress by engaging your mind with things that stimulate a change in your mood.

5. Choosing the right attitude – A service attitude is one of the most complex things to impart. Some people are lucky to have an intrinsic service mindset. So, what makes them unique? How can you choose the right attitude for your day? We showcase a simple technique that has inspired millions called the FISH Philosophy. Once you see how someone in the fish industry can work around fish all day and still be happy, we promise you the four-step process to enjoying your job becomes a much easier choice.

6. Understanding different types of customers – One size does not fit all in clothes so why would it in service! Customers all come with different service mindsets and we give you the tools to identifying unique traits to the four unique personality types that we all possess. Learn to unlock the way to deal with customers today!

7. Handling Angry customers – One of the most difficult things is dealing with a customer shouting in your face publicly. Yikes! But don’t worry we teach you how to diffuse situations, recover the service experience, and most of all deal with this customer through empathy.

Who should attend: Front line staff, call center agents, direct selling agents, new recruits

Price: KD 95
Price for Sirdab Lab Members: KD 85.5

When: 5-9 PM, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, September 23, 24 & 25
Where: Sirdab Lab, Dasman Complex

Registration for this workshop has closed. If you’d like to attend this workshop or have it conducted in your company, email us at

About Service Hero:

Education on service excellence is a natural extension to our annual Customer Satisfaction Index which empowers thousands of consumers to rate the service quality of companies they deal with on Our training services are part and parcel with our Culture of Excellence Index and facilitating sessions with employees on how to build excellence within a company. This expertise based on engaging with multiple organizations across the years has imparted valuable insights that service begins from within. This core belief is reaffirmed through our educational training courses. Our lead and senior consultants have led the way in creating a continuing legacy of excellence by engaging fully with participants in understanding and uncovering their service potential.

About the instructor:

Maya Dabbous is the Senior Consultant at Service Hero, and is a leader, decision maker and mentor who has honed her skills in the field of customer experience over an 18-year career. Her complete orientation to serving both the internal and external customer through training, people engagement, process improvement, and HR development has led her to establish customized training modules, embedding service measurement tools, setting up internal and external service programs, establishment of operational systems, and developing new processes; a key talent in assisting an organization to create a holistic Customer Experience department.

As a senior consultant, her initiatives include: the development of marketing strategies, branding audits, culture of excellence programs, public relation activities, retention schemes, and business development plans that are part and parcel of what constitutes the customer and employee experience.

She has previously worked with esteemed organizations such as the Sheraton Hotel–Luxury Collection, National Bank of Kuwait, Burgan Bank, and Al-Babtain Group.

Maya continually strives to grow, learn, and round out her experience to suit a multitude of roles in any future endeavors she pursue. For her it’s all about the enriching experience that comes with working closely with businesses and connecting with people.