Should a Leader be Loved or Feared?


An interesting question was raised during The Salon’s discussion on The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli last week: Would you rather be feared or loved? Though the book was written over 500 years ago, the question can nevertheless be applied to many situations today, including the workplace.

Machiavelli argued that it is better to be feared if you cannot be both, since fear encourages obedience through dread of punishment, while love can be taken advantage of. Some preferred one over the other, but most of the participants (including a mother!) agreed that they would have a more balanced attitude when dealing with someone, i.e. begin with ‘love’ and then shift to a more aggressive tactic if they felt they were being taken for granted.
Personally, I think they’re both extremes and that it’s better to be respected. What about you? As a leader or a manger, which approach do you think is more effective with employees and would bring in results?

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Zainab Mirza
Community Outreach & Grammar Officer