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Ali Abulhasan is the co-founder and CEO of Tap.

He founded Tap Payments to solve online payment problems in Kuwait and the region back in 2012. His passion for payments started as soon as he went cashless during his college days in the US carrying at least 5 bank cards in his pocket. He pursued his BSBA degree at the University of San Francisco double majoring in Accounting & Marketing and minoring in Graphic Design, starting his career in the Oil & Gas Retail Industry while also exposing himself to Banks & Financial Services. He later got more involved in Telecom, which helped him become consumer-centric and technology-driven towards value added service innovation. Tap Payments has played a major role in disrupting the Financial Technology Industry in Kuwait by enabling any business to accept and collect online payments from the pre-Tap era of weeks & months to the post-Tap era of hours and days. Tap Payments today is serving different sizes of businesses from the little home businesses all the way to major corporations such as Telecom Operators.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from his entrepreneurial experiences. Attend the event for a nominal fee (KD 3 – Sirdab Lab members, KD 5 – non-members) and enjoy the valuable conversation, learning and networking opportunities, and the mouthwatering food sponsored by Junkyard.

When: 7 PM, Tuesday, December 20
Where: Sirdab Lab

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