Startup Grind with Hamad Aljudai

Sponsored by NBK, Proper Sliders, and Tap

Hamad Aljudai is the founder of yallawain, an app that tackles the classic and recurring question of what to eat. Prior to this role, he was the co-founder of Raqib50 and Monaqasat Insights, two data transparency initiatives in the legislative branch and government tenders sector. He’s been designing digital products for over 4 years, working on several projects in a variety of industries.

Don’t miss the chance to interact with him and learn from his insights on entrepreneurship, mobile app design, and the food industry. Attend the event for a nominal fee (KD 3 – Sirdab Lab members, KD 5 – non-members) and enjoy the valuable conversation, learning and networking opportunities, and the mouthwatering food sponsored by Proper Sliders.

When: 7 PM, Tuesday, March 28
Where: Sirdab Lab

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