A Tech Startup’s Success Depends on This…


One of the most awkward conversations I’ve had with my wife was explaining to her what a “man crush” was, and how I had it for Dr Naif Al-Mutawa. If you attended last week’s Startup Grind event you’ll understand why I admire him so much.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the interview myself because I was at my daughter ZZ’s birthday party, but I did manage to catch the Q&A, and ended up staying for over an hour chatting with Sirdab members and newcomers.

I’m eagerly looking forward to the interview being posted at our YouTube channel, but watching the interview in a dark, lonely corner of my room doesn’t compare to the lively atmosphere of the Startup Grind event. So if you missed the event last week, keep an eye out for next month’s event.

In other news, if you’re working on a tech startup (building a website, or an app, or both), then you need to attend my User Experience (UX) workshop. Here’s why:
User experience design is the most important factor to any tech startup’s success. It determines whether users will stick around, and the likelihood of them telling others about it
Almost every tech founder I’ve spoken to thinks their app has a great design and is “easy to use”… until I give them design feedback. It’s easy to assume your app is “user-friendly” when you know what it does. But for someone unfamiliar with your app, it’s like reading hieroglyphics
UX design isn’t about what the app looks like, but understanding how the user thinks and feels, then creating an interactive journey that takes them to how they want to feel. You need to delve deeper in user psychology to create a truly joyful experience
“Design is in the details”: You may have all the major design decisions ironed out, but those minor details you overlooked can create enough friction to have your users embrace an alternative
The 2-day workshop will cover the entire design process so you know exactly how to tackle a new project or revise an existing project
To register for the workshop click here.

That’s all from me. Next week I’d like to feature words of wisdom from the fine readers of this newsletter. What advice would you share with our community? What did you hear/read/think recently that can contribute in a positive way to startup founders and ambitious entrepreneurs?

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