Content in Context: The Science of Social Media Marketing

A workshop with Sahar Abdulrasoul & Munirah Alshami


This workshop is fully booked.


Most companies and entrepreneurs today recognize the importance of being present on social
media. However, very few businesses take the time to understand how they can align their
social media strategy with their sales funnel to produce content that is relevant, engaging, and

During this workshop led by digital marketing and content strategist Sahar Abdulrasoul, you
will learn how to define relevant media channels for your business, come up with effective
content strategies that align with your functions, and turn your followers into active fans.

What the workshop will cover:

1. Content as a Strategy

  • Defining ‘content’
  • Types and sources of content
  • The importance of a content strategist

2. Digital Channels Uncovered

  • Defining channels
  • Identifying variety of online channels and when each might be relevant

3. Theory in Application

  • Content planning
  • Identifying your business goals and standing
  • Finding your target audience
  • Designing for social media

4. Growth & Beyond

  • Growth
  • Maintenance

What you need: A laptop

Price: KD 60; Sirdab Lab member price: KD 54

When: 5-8 PM, Monday & Tuesday, September 10 & 11

Where: Sirdab Lab


This workshop is fully booked.


About the instructors:

  • Sahar Abdulrasoul is a passionate digital marketer and content strategist with extensive
    experience across several industries. While acquiring her degree in Marketing from the
    University of San Francisco, Sahar became fascinated with the way different technologies and
    digital platforms are shaping modern day businesses.Upon returning to Kuwait, she helped establish the foundation for the digital creative agency,, where she worked on a variety of projects with both global and local brands. She is currently working on developing her own media platform which will launch this fall.
  • Munirah AlShami is an experienced multimedia designer and natural creative. Holding a multimedia design degree from the American University of Sharjah, Munirah is passionate about mixing time-based media with static design, as well as mixing traditional media with digital. Her work has spanned everything from social media artwork for various local brands, to physical installations and animations for prestigious brands such as KOC and Ford Motor Company. Munirah currently co-hosts in the pop culture podcast, Abaih.