Design to Delight: A UX Design Workshop

with Haider Al-Mosawi


Nothing has a greater impact on the success of your website or app than the user experience (UX). And if you’re building a tech startup or an e-commerce site, then UX design should be your key concern.

How do you capture user needs? How do you make sure you delight your users so they can continue to use your service, and let others know about it? User retention and growth are key variables to gauging startup success and startup valuations.

One common mistake startup founders make is to consider user experience design at the very end, as icing on the cake. But UX design is the entire cake, and it’s needed to determine what recipe you’ll use to bring joy to your users.

I’ve spoken to many founders who could’ve avoided months of development, hundreds of hours of wasted effort, and thousands of dinars had they considered UX design early on, which often reveals a better direction to take your startup before you go too far along a wrong path.

This UX workshop will help you:

  • Learn the basic principles and common practices of UX design
  • Create user personas to capture the needs, intentions, and motives of your users
  • Create user stories that help translate needs into features
  • Design simple interfaces and short interaction paths
  • Think like a designer, making iterative adjustments to your design
  • Define a workflow that makes a design challenge exciting to tackle

By the end of the workshop you’ll be able to spot improvements that can be made to your website or app, and be able to start a new design from scratch.

About the instructor:

Haider Al‐Mosawi is a co-founder of Sirdab Lab, and of Catalyze, a UX design firm. He is an experienced UX (user experience designer) who has helped several startups better understand their users and design user‐friendly apps, which increase customer engagement. Many of his re‐designs have helped startups reduce development costs by simplifying the apps to fewer screens. Haider is also a certified educator, and has helped in setting the curricula of Sirdab Lab’s educational programs.


When: 5-8 PM, August 11-15 (Sun-Thu)
Where: Sirdab Lab

Price: KD 250
Price for Sirdab Lab Members: KD 225


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