Drop the Beat

A DJing Workshop with DJ TRQ

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a DJ? In this two-day workshop, participants will be introduced to the art of mixing music with DJ TRQ.
Participants will:
  1. Mix different genres of electronic dance music
  2. Learn more about BPM matching and its uses
  3. Experiment with different effects in mixing
  4. Make a mini mix
Participants don’t need to bring anything. 
Who can attend?
Anyone who wants to try something new and explore a talent hidden within. Open to all ages.
When: 7-9pm, August 15 & 17 (Tuesday & Thursday)
Where: Sirdab Lab
About the instructor:
While sitting beside Armin Van Buuren, the greatest producer and DJ known to modern music, Talal asked a question: “Why do you do what you do?” Van Buuren’s answer was short and simple. “I make music and play it to spread happiness and positivity throughout the world.”
Talal alQaoud started DJing in his bedroom at the age of 20, and went on to create his own studio. He trained everyday until the hard work paid off; he won Marina FM’s competition, “King Of The Mix,” under his stage name DJ TRQ, while competing against 36 DJs from the Middle East, with voting based on judges and the on-air audience. This earned him a weekly residency at Marina FM. Making his way into dance music, he continued to perform whenever the chance presented itself, and believes that nothing feels better than the energy you get back from the crowd.
Check his music out on Soundcloud here.