Now’s Your Chance to Build Your Own App!


This is my first newsletter, and I’m excited to be sharing my thoughts and experiences with you.

“How do I develop a website or a mobile app?”

This is a question I get asked a lot. I’ll explain how to get started if you want to learn on your own, and I’ll tell you about a new coding bootcamp at the end of this newsletter.

If you’re completely new to programming, you can start by learning Python, a programming language that’s clear, straightforward, and easy to learn. The nice thing about programming languages is that they share the same basic concepts. Once you learn one programming language, you’ll find it easier to learn other languages, like learning different dialects of the same language.

Mac and Linux users already have Python installed on their computers. Windows users will have to download Python.

Next, you’ll want to install an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software, which makes your programming life a lot easier (it helps you organize your files, makes your code more readable, and loads of other benefits). For Python, you can use PyCharm IDE.

Now that you have what you need, there are a lot of resources to start learning Python online, such as, plenty of online courses, and YouTube videos.

I recommend a project-based approach to learning, where you have an app in mind that you want to build, and learn how to add the next feature, and the next. Your idea is the fuel that will keep you motivated to learn new things and achieve your goal.

Of course, you don’t have to learn programming to build a tech startup, but there are many good reasons for why you should. Outsourcing your development can often be risky, and hiring a developer isn’t feasible for many startups. But learning to program gives you the flexibility to make as many changes as you like, and to explore different approaches without having to pay extra.

If you’ve tried online resources before but didn’t get anywhere, then perhaps an intensive coding bootcamp might be the best option for you. When you make a mistake in your code while learning on your own, you could be stuck for hours trying to figure out where the problem is. Having an instructor look over your shoulder and pinpoint where your code breaks can dramatically accelerate your learning.

That’s why we’re excited to see a coding bootcamp take place this summer, which will cover all the technologies you need to build fully functioning web apps.

The coding bootcamp, named Coded, is an 8-week full time course, and the application deadline is 26 June. To learn more about Coded, visit their website:


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