The Growth Hacker’s Cheatsheet

In partnership with Growth Velocity Academy


In this workshop we’ll explore why Growth Hacking has become one of the biggest buzz terms and how a number of highly successful startups have used growth hacking techniques to achieve unprecedented levels of success.


We’ll look at a variety of different growth hacks, tips and tricks that cleverly utilise data, technology and behavioural science across acquisition, conversion, retention, advocacy and the product.


This workshop will also teach you how to create a structured framework that focuses these techniques on the areas that will make the biggest difference to your business.


In this workshop you’ll learn:
  • growth hacking and its origins
  • a range of growth hacking tips and tricks to be applied to your business
  • know-how to create and apply the growth hacking cycle and funnel
  • what 3rd party tools to use and when
  • how to plan and execute speedy testing to validate decision making


Workshop Requirements: A laptop
Price: KD 15; Free for Sirdab Lab Members
When: 5-6:30 PM, Monday, October 15
Where: Sirdab Lab


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About the Instructor – Howard Kingston:

From gaming to mobile ads to adventure sports, there’s a reason why world changing entrepreneurs turn to Howard to help launch and grow their businesses. He’s been there and done it, as a founder, as a VP Marketing, as a coach. He’s one of the few ‘Growth Hackers’ that has actually done it. He launched and grew the gaming startup “I Am Playr” from zero to 15 million users. Two of the last three businesses he’s helped launch have been acquired. The third has offices worldwide, raised millions in VC investment & are well on their way. He co-founded Adludio, who Nike, Unilever, Sony & 100+ more Fortune 500 brands turn to for their mobile advertising. Adludio were named ’Best Marketing / Advertising business in Europe’ by TechCrunch in 2016 and are a global partner for SnapChat. He helped launch Zip World London, ’the world’s biggest, fastest city zip wire’, opposite Big Ben on London’s South Bank. It attracted over 30,000 riders in 10 weeks, getting acquired shortly after take-off.

About Growth Velocity Academy:

Growth Velocity Academy is the world’s pre-eminent Digital Marketing Bootcamp. Currently run by ex-General Assembly course leader, Howard Kingston, this bootcamp teaches students everything they need to know about digital marketing as it currently exists.

Growth Velocity Academy’s key objective is to provide people in various start-up hubs around the Middle East and Africa with access to some of London’s leading tech entrepreneurs & instructors at a fraction of the cost of attending such bootcamps in London.