Imaginators Winter Camp

Where Science Meets The Arts

In partnership with ImaginIt 

Want your child to be a better critical thinker? Looking for an interactive camp where your child can explore science through reading and the arts?

In the Imaginators Winter Camp, kids will explore a space-themed book and have fun doing experiments, designing worlds, and learning the basics of story building. By the end of the camp, each kid will have created their own short story, learned about facts versus fiction, tested their creativity through creating their own experiments, and expressed themselves through acting and the arts.

The camp with be held three days a week for two weeks. Each day will start with a story session followed by fun activities that apply to the reading of that day. Kids will also have neat projects and tasks to complete at home.

During the camp, Imaginators will:

  • Grasp the building blocks of creating a story, culminating in the creation of a short story by each child
  • Obtain critical reading skills through fact checking research, applied experimentation and “What Will Happen Next?” skits
  • Build an interest in reading by finishing the story themselves and connecting reading to fun activities
  • Gain confidence in building off of their own ideas through experiments and artistic creations 

Kids will need to bring their own snacks for break time.

Ages: 7+ years

Parents can also register their kids for Week 2! 
When: 11 AM – 2 PM, Dec 29 – Jan 2 (Sat-Mon-Wed)

Where: Sirdab Lab (Dasman Complex)

Week 2 Price: KD 40
Sirdab Lab Member Price: KD 35

Siblings get a 10% discount. If you’d like to sign up more than one child, email us at or call us at 97768939.

Register Your Kid for Week 2!

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About ImaginIt:

ImaginIt is a social startup geared towards improving critical thinking, reading, and writing skills as well as creativity through fun, interactive story-related services. Since its inception in July 2015 by Mariam Al-Enezi, ImaginIt has inspired thousands of children, youth, and families to embrace reading through 15+ events and its weekly Reading Action story time sessions. All of its services are designed with Sandra Stein, an educator with over 30 years worth of experience in teaching and directing educational programs.

We, at ImaginIt, believe that individuals learn best while having fun. Through quality, fun, and imagination, ImaginIt continue to pave the road for a more introspective and creative future.