Kuwait’s Startup Success Story, and Our Upcoming Events

As you may have probably heard, Talabat, our beloved food-ordering Kuwaiti startup, has recently been acquired by Rocket Internet for 150 million Euros. That’s a major accomplishment for a regional startup, and one we hope will inspire others to pursue and persist with their own startups.

Having said that, it should be noted that Talabat wasn’t an “overnight success”, and acquisitions like this don’t come easy. To read more about (and discuss) what made Talabat so valuable, check out Hamad Mufleh’s article on the StartupQ8 blog.

And if you haven’t seen our interview with Mohamed Jaffar, the CEO of Talabat, in our first Startup Grind event, be sure to check it out (and subscribe to our channel while you’re there). You’ll learn more about his work ethic and the values that drive him.

Finally, Sirdab members with Android devices can download our community app here: sirdab-lab.com/android

Learning & Laughter Officer

P.S. “80% of success is showing up,” so make sure you show up in one of the events below.