Last Chance to Sign Up for The UX Workshop


During the members-only Creative Team Challenge last week, we had several team building activities with different objectives. One of them was to build a tower that could hold a small stone for ten seconds using 30 straws, a pair of scissors and two strips of masking tape.

The activity gave rise to a thought-provoking discussion on leadership styles. One group agreed it wasn’t able to meet the objective because it had been democratic by taking each team member’s suggestion and incorporating it, rather than formulating a plan and making quick decisions. Another group however, felt it was successful because a member had assumed a dictatorial role (her words, not mine) and kept the team focused on the goal. They concluded that a dictatorship is more results-oriented than a democracy and that it was important to focus on getting the job done. What do you think?

One of the coolest things about working at Sirdab is being a part of its community, striking conversations with the awesome people that pop in every day, especially the members. It’s always interesting to discuss what they’re working on, and what they aspire to change while learning something new in the process. We thought it only fair to feature a couple in this space every week. 

Being a member at Sirdab Lab has tons of benefits. With an annual membership, you get 24/7 access to our co-working space, mentoring sessions with industry experts who have experience working in Kuwait, the Middle East and Silicon Valley, along with discounted access to several events and workshops throughout the year. 

If you believe in making the most of learning opportunities, Sirdab Lab is the place for you. Join our community today.

Also, today’s your last chance to register for Haider’s User Experience (UX) workshop, especially since it starts at 6 PM tonight. The workshop will help you refine your tech startup idea so its chances for success increase, as well as save you hours of struggle and heartache during the design process. If you’re a student, email a photo of your student ID to get your discount.

Zainab Mirza
Community Outreach & Grammar Officer