Negotiate This!

Master the Art of Negotiating

A workshop with Mohamed Shehab Eldin, Founder of RESOLVE Consulting

Do you feel intimidated asking for what you want? Do you typically settle for what you get without asserting your own demands?

In our professional lives, we don’t necessarily get what we want or deserve, but what we negotiate. Whether it’s debating contract terms, salaries, high-stakes deals or simply winning over team members, managers or partners with your thinking, negotiation skills are an essential tool to ensure professional success and fulfillment.  

Using interactive activities, simulations, and experiential learning, this workshop will guide you on the dynamics behind the negotiation process and empower you to take a stand of your own and make deals on the terms YOU want.

The workshop will prepare you on:

  • Negotiation as a form of communication
  • Win-win vs Win as much as you can
  • Planning effectively for any negotiation
  • Gathering intel on other parties
  • Anchoring strategy
  • Different negotiation strategies and approaches
  • Building strategic relations with other parties
  • The Negotiation Flow (Entrance-Explore-Negotiate-Close)
  • Power and leverage
  • Negotiation and culture

After the workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand various components of a negotiation process
  • Value the importance of building a strategic relationship
  • Prepare well for a negotiation process internally and externally
  • Prepare a negotiation strategy and determine the right techniques for the process
  • Understand the value of perception in a negotiation process
  • Have a clear picture of their negotiation styles along with their strengths and weaknesses
  • Communicate your terms of a negotiation assertively

Who should attend: Professionals from any organization who want to take their negotiation skills to the next level
Price: KD 70
When: 9 AM – 1 PM, October 15 & 16
Where: Sirdab Lab, Dasman Complex

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About the instructor:

Mohamed Shehab Eldin brings in 18 years of experience as an international speaker, entrepreneur, investor, and executive leadership transformation advisor. He is a leading consultant and facilitator focusing on strategy, conflict resolution, negotiation and decision making across sectors. He is the founder of RESOLVE Consulting Ltd. and of AL-SHEHAB Co., and a cofounder of AGRICYCLE for agricultural waste energy and AL-SONBOLAH for textile industries. He is also a co-founder and a former board member of Nahdet El-Mahrousa and the Founding Curator of the Global Shapers Community-Cairo Hub. He is currently an adjunct faculty at the American University in Cairo, School of Business.