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I’m back! I miss writing for the fine people of this newsletter. Hope you’ve had a couple of wonderful weeks since I last wrote to you. I feel like I have so much to share that I don’t know where to begin. 

OK, so yesterday Ahmad and I gave a presentation to 6-16 year olds at the Little Moms Group, speaking about entrepreneurship and what Sirdab Lab has to offer entrepreneurs. I was really impressed by the young teenagers there, who are already volunteering at the Scientific Center and working on web projects of their own! Children never cease to amaze me, and I was happy that it validated a secret project we’re working on for kids (more on that later).

I’m very excited to be joining the MIT Enterprise Forum as an elevator pitch judge. It’s always a pleasure to connect with entrepreneurs hustling to get their startup off the ground. Registration to attend the event is closed, but make sure you come and say hi if you’ve already registered.

At the end of this month, Startup MENA’s GCC Challenge Finals take place in Dubai. You might remember that Boxit Storage (@boxitstorage), a graduate of our Startup Bootcamp, and Dawrat, the online portal for workshops and training courses, are the Kuwaiti finalists, and we wish them the very best.

And speaking of our Startup Bootcamp, one of the startups that participated in our first bootcamp has already launched, and we’re thrilled to see it grow. Check outBeOpen.Me for thought provoking Arabic content. If you believe that more content needs to be available in Arabic, make sure you send interesting articles and news items their way at @BeOpenDotMe.

Finally (for this newsletter, at least), if you want to learn the basic principles of user experience design, and be able to enhance the quality of your designs on your own, then I suggest you register in the UX workshop I’ll be offering early next month. More info in the link below.

So, how have YOU been? Feel free to hit the reply button and share what you’ve been getting up to. Accomplishments and setbacks.

Speak soon.

Learning & Laughter Officer