Work Hard, Play Harder

A Drama Therapy Workshop for Adults with Fatmah Al-Qadfan


Children light up when they play – they seem to have copious amounts of energy to run around and create, making sounds and movement with a freedom that adults often long for but don’t know how to access. Yet we, as adults, have that same biological drive to play! We just need to give ourselves permission to experience that joy again. And when we play, our creativity surges!

This workshop is designed for the adult who has been working a little too hard.

If you’re feeling burnt out, lacking creativity, or tight for time, then this is the perfect session for you. And feel free to bring a friend that wants to tap into their inner child!


When: 7 PM, Wednesday, September 5

Where: Sirdab Lab

How much: KD 20; KD 15 for Sirdab Lab Members


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What is drama therapy?

Drama therapy is an active and experiential approach to health and wellness. By combining theatre and psychology, drama therapy allows participants to explore patterns of behavior, and solve problems in a creative way. In this workshop, drama therapy will be used to (re)engage adults in play. The workshop will include a number of collaborative group games with elements of improvisation and storytelling at their core.


About the Instructor:

Fatmah Al-Qadfan is Kuwait’s first and only registered drama therapist, and is currently working at Fawzia Sultan Healthcare Network. She is fascinated by the universal language of play. She likes cats, dark chocolate and rainy days.