Plan, Pitch, Persuade: How To Craft A Winning Presentation

A 2-day workshop with Dr. Amanda Chadee

Are you seeking funding for your business but don’t know how to develop a commercialization plan? Do you have a prototype developed and are unsure about the next steps? Do you want to tell people your company’s story in an engaging way?

This two-day workshop will transform your business into one ready for commercial success.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to craft a commercialization plan for grants funding or business plans
  • How to create a customer profile and customer value map
  • How to conduct market research for your startup
  • How to create a winning pitch and influence potential investors
  • How to discover and develop your own engaging presentation style
  • How to get a stamp of approval from customers and investors

Who is this workshop for?

  • All entrepreneurs in early stages of product development
  • All entrepreneurs seeking funding though government grants or pitching competitions
  • Consultants in areas of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Anyone that has an idea for a business and wants to learn about customer needs
  • Anyone who wants to deliver a brilliant pitch

What you’ll be doing in the workshop:
Day 1:

  • You will learn what products customers really want to buy and explore ways to identify market segments
  • Discuss the 5C’s in writing a commercialization plan
  • Develop an in-depth customer profile and customer value map
  • Explore ways for market research and product/market fit

Day 2:

  • You’ll discover the art of the business pitch, knowing what investors really want and how to craft your own, unique presentation style
  • Discuss the areas of a 3-segmented business pitch
  • Pitch exercises to think like an investor
  • Understand the business of YOU: body language, attire and public speaking

How much: KD 70
Price for Sirdab Lab members: KD 63
When: 6-9 PM, Feb 10 -11 (Monday & Tuesday)
Where: Sirdab Lab

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About the instructor:

Dr. Amanda B. Chadee is a master of small business strategy and a principal consultant focused on obtaining early-stage capital for companies seeking to commercialize innovative technologies. She has worked with startups from all over the United States, helping them craft proposals for funding. In Houston, she also worked diligently to obtain federal and state research tax incentives for over 100 small business clients all over the United States.

She is a MIT certified mentor and an advisor to entrepreneurs and innovators from disciplines such as biological technologies, oil and gas, social entrepreneurship and big data. Dr. Chadee worked for over 10 years in STEM education at universities around Texas, USA. During her time teaching, Dr. Chadee developed a novel action oriented curriculum merging scientific articles with text book learning. Dr. Chadee served in many leadership roles in her community. As a past board member of the Association of Women in Science (AWIS), Houston Chapter, she led and developed many STEM outreach programs in schools and directed and executed fundraising efforts. Dr. Chadee believes in the growth mindset and listens to podcasts and books on topics of entrepreneurship and business growth. She is currently living in Kuwait and has recently founded Innopry Consulting Company with a mission to work with startups globally.