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SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a programming language used to manage data in a relational database. It enables businesses to sift through and analyse vast amounts of data to answer strategic business problems that ultimately aid companies in gaining a competitive advantage. Because of this, more and more companies (from start-ups to multi-national conglomerates) across various sectors are looking for professionals well versed in SQL.


This full-day workshop will walk you through real-life business problems and teach you the necessary skills you need to solve these problems using SQL.


Workshop Agenda:

MBASQL.com’s tried and tested approach is guaranteed to help you rapidly upskill:

  • Watch: Every lesson starts with an introduction to a new concept where we will cover the theoretical aspects of the functionality.
  • Play: Students will then put on the hat of a category manager and be invited to think about how each concept can be used in a business setting
  • Do: In each lesson we will answer a problem together; this problem will test and re-affirm all the concepts we’ve learned in the watch portion of the lesson.
  • Challenge: Once we have completed an example, students will be challenged with a problem they must solve using the online integrated SQL playground.

After the workshop: Students will have six-months access to tools and materials, and continue to get support on the #slack channel.

Workshop requirements: A laptop with a browser installed.

Who can attend: MBAs, business analysts, startup entrepreneurs

Price: KD 180 (including lunch)

When: 10 AM – 6 PM, Saturday, February 17

Where: Sirdab Lab

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About the instructor:

Weldon W. Whitener is currently the Head of Pricing for Amazon UK. He has a PhD in Bioinformatics from Cambridge University, where he worked with large datasets. He worked at Boston Consulting Group in London for 4 years, advising FTSE companies on projects including Big Data. His work with data has distinguished him from his peers and greatly helped his progression.