Startup Insights and Exciting Events

The past week was packed with insights from workshops I attended and people I talked to in Sirdab Lab. Value was added and my understanding was deepened on all things regarding the start-up scene. I‘ll try to simplify what was cemented in my thoughts and share it with you guys … here it goes.
Startups are literally a journey into the unknown and entrepreneurs need to be comfortable with taking on ambiguity, uncertainty, and multiple challenges.
Keep in mind that a startup is a repeatable and scalable business model and a business model describes how your company creates, delivers, and captures value. Therefore, as an entrepreneur you have to strive towards creating value within the constraints of your initial business model.
Customer and Agile Development is the way for startups to quickly iterate and test their business model hypotheses.
Most startups change their business model multiple times.

The last point regarding constant change, signals at small setbacks or failures along the entrepreneurial journey and therefore clarifies that it requires grit and persistence for a startup to flourish. Two valuable qualities everyone should have.

If you happen to possess those two qualities I have some good news for you! We’re looking for part time graphic design and event management super heroes to join the Sirdab Lab team. If you think you’re up to the task or know someone who is … send an email our way via:

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Warm wishes and my sincerest regards,

Ahmad Al Obaid
Hustling & Thinking Officer