Startup Funding 101: A Workshop with Lawyer Fajer Ahmad

Is your business in need of funding but you don’t know what your legal options are? Wanna know the funding landscape in Kuwait, the opportunities available to you, what to look out for when getting funded, and whether you should opt for crowd funding or for investors?

In this workshop, Fajer Ahmad will discuss the different types of investments available for startups in Kuwait, such as public funds, seed rounds, venture capital firms etc. and the legal implication of each type of investment on the startup. She will also address the legalities of becoming an investor or having an investor involved in a business.

Price: KD 25
Price for Sirdab Lab Members: KD 20

When: 6-8 PM, Monday, December 24
Where: Sirdab Lab


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About the speaker:
Fajer Ahmed is the Managing Partner of FTL Legal Services, a law firm that provides commercial, tech and media legal solutions. She is also a legal columnist,  that focuses on making law as simple as possible and accessible through her writings.  Fajer is the founder of Q8books, a nonprofit organization that aims to encourage reading and writing.  She is also currently pursuing a post-graduate diploma in Entrepreneurship.