Video Games Business Workshop

November 7, 8

 SirdabLab, Dasman Complex, Kuwait City


 Pascal Luban, Game consultant at Activision

To register contact: WhatsApp 97998892 or email:

 Students will get the basic knowledge they need to have in order to define a freemium game concept:
– The understanding of the different monetization strategies
– Key features: The onboarding, the shop and the viral mechanisms
– The description of the key metrics to follow
– The differences in design between casual and hardcore gamers
– How to control the player’s progression in the game.

Several highly successful freemium titles will be analyzed in depth in order to illustrate the key topics. Students will learn a method to define the high concept of a freemium game and will get the opportunity to design their own high concept with my coaching.


– Knowledge of the essential metrics to follow
– In-depth understanding of the success factors behind several freemium titles
– A method to control the player’s progression and to define key indexes such as the acquisition of experience points and the price of items
– A five-steps method to define the concept for a freemium game.


Designing Freemium Titles for Hardcore gamers

The Design of Free-to-Play Games