Woodworking for Kids: Create Your Own Sword and Shield

Registration for the workshop has closed. Stay tuned for more!

Tired of seeing your son or daughter staring at an iPad screen all day? Want them to do a new and interesting activity this holiday break?

Well, we’ve got you covered…

In this four-hour workshop, children will learn how to craft their own sword and shield that they can use for costume parties, role play, or theatricals.

During the workshop, kids will:

– Draw their sword and shield on wood
– Cut them out using tools like a micro saw and hand saw (under strict adult supervision)
– Smoothen the surfaces and add finishing touches through sanding
– Paint them

The workshop will be led by expert woodworker Nasser Al-Sulaihim (check out his work here).

This awesome workshop will expose kids to a new skill, spark their imagination, and enable them to work with their hands, improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Ages: 10+
Maximum capacity: 4 kids
Price: KD 35 per child (safety equipment included)

When: 10 AM – 2 PM, Thursday, Dec 22
Where: Sirdab Lab